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Deal of the Week – Ethafoamtargets

published on May 8. 2019


To get off to a good start into spring, this week’s Deal of the Week offers 30% – 50% off the Ethafoam targets ECO II and ECO III.

Our Ethafoam targets are, like all our Ethafoam targets, suitable for all weather conditions. Whether in scorching heat or in the middle of winter, the Ethafoam targets can be used outdoors all year round, without constant build up and tear down.

Due to the low weight, the Ethafoam targets can be transported with ease. Due to the special cell structure, the arrows are also easy to pull, while the holes close effectively and are therefore hardly visible.

The front of the Ethafoam targets ECO II + ECO III is made of black 220’s Ethafoam, followed by a 400th Ethafoam foam, as the ultimate arrow stopper. The ECO III has an extra black 220 layer for maximum stopping power.

The Ethafoam targets run out and are therefore greatly reduced in the shop. The promotion is valid until 13.05.2019 and only while stocks last!

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