Everything for bow sports & archery: made BY BEIER GERMANY

We offer a comprehensive assortment of bow sports products. Our focus is on traditional archery. But also compound and FITA archers as well as Olympic archers can find one or the other item at our company.

In addition to a considerable selection of handmade bows for all ages, performance and price classes, we also have arrows from our own arrow construction in wood, aluminum or carbon. We offer high-quality leather articles, from the arm protection to the exclusive quiver made of premium leather and an extensive assortment of arrow catches (targets made from straw and Ethafoam, 3D animals of Longlife, IBB or Franzbogen), backstop-net and backstop meadows, comprehensive bow sports accessories such as tools, bow materials and glue.

The fans of the medieval and LARP scene appreciate our authentic long- and strongbows as well as our LARP arrows with the cushion head we have developed and our medieval arrows with the arrow heads made according to historical models.

In addition to our own products, we also sell products of other manufacturers and brands.



We produce traditional bow sports articles ourselves and offer a comprehensive assortment of different bow styles: from the low-cost rattan beginner’s bow to powerful longbows and recurves, to rider and LARP bows. We want every traditional archer to find “his” bow in our company, no matter what kind of bow and in what price class he is searching.

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The arrow is one of the most important components of archery. I always say, “the arrow is more important than the bow,” whereas this refers to the quality and correct coordination of the arrow. There are good reasons for this selection. With an arrow that is well suited to a “simple” bow and the archer, a better shot can be achieved in any case than with a super high-end bow and an arrow that is absolutely unsuitable for the bow and the archer. Therefore, the basic rule in bow sports applies: the arrow has to fit to the bow and to the archer, because only under this condition a clean arrow flight and a good grouping can be achieved.

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In addition to shooting at traditional targets of straw or Ethafoam, 3D archery is becoming increasingly popular. Lifelike animals made from a special foam material are shot at. At 3D-tournaments or 3D-courses, longbow and hunting recurve archers are equally represented, even compound archers have already been sighted.

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Arrow catches

Safety has top priority in archery as it has in shooting sports in general. The observation of safety rules during archery helps to prevent injuries by arrows flying past the target or rebounds. This also includes the reasonable safeguarding of the shooting range. In addition to our targets made from Ethafoam and our 3D animals, we offer in the area of “arrow catches” a backstop-net developed by us in 2 qualities and the BY BEIER GERMANY backstop-meadow. Our products offer the best possible protection, our backstop-meadow even securely holds arrows at speeds of up to 303 ft./sec.

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For the LARP, the live action role playing, the player himself slips into the role of the hero and experiences his adventures up close. For the LARP archers, the brave heroes who fight against orcs and other bad guys we compiled an assortment of bows and arrows, which leaves nothing to be desired.

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