Power and speed – the bows BY BEIER GERMANY

We produce traditional bow sports articles ourselves and offer a comprehensive assortment of different bow styles: from the low-cost rattan beginner’s bow to powerful longbows and recurves, to rider and LARP bows.

We want every traditional archer to find “his” bow in our company, no matter what kind of bow and in what price class he is searching.


All bows BY BEIER GERMANY are made by our bow makers according to traditional craftsmanship – with many years of experience, enthusiasm and attention to detail. You can feel all this when you take one of our bows in your hands. We attach great importance to first-class quality, therefore we are already very careful when selecting our materials. We know that only the best material is good enough for first-class bows, and put great emphasis on precision and care during processing. Each bow leaving our house is tested according to our quality guidelines and carries our quality promise made BY BEIER GERMANY.

We offer a warranty of 100 years on material and workmanship on a whole slew of exclusive bows with production date from 1/1/2017 onwards. These bows for generations are an expression of our efficiency and the responsibility we take for our high-quality bows.

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The following bows are available in our assortment

Strongbows / rattanbows

Robust, authentic, proven world-wide a thousand times! In 2003, we started to build our rattan bows, the models Marksman and Gambler. Now we have acquired a comprehensive background of experience in the construction of these robust purists through constant further development and improvement.

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Mongolian, Hungarian and Scythian horsebows from the Hungarian bow manufacturer of BY BEIER GERMANY. Horsebows are designed for shooting while sitting on the horse, therefore they are very short compared to other bow forms. The short power packs are also very popular with our customers, therefore we are expanding our product range by 3 additional horsebows, which we would like to introduce to you right here.

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Recurve bows are not an invention of the 20th century, as it is often assumed. The oldest illustrations of this bow with the characteristically bent limbs are dated to the seventh millennium before Christ. The typical recurve form can also be found in the rider bows, which the Huns, Persians or Turks mastered to perfection long before our time.

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The longbow has something archaic, it represents the earliest bow form. Historical drawings show archers with their longbows, also primitive people use the simple longbow for hunting. Today, many archers shoot the longbow because they appreciate its speed and extraordinary throwing properties. We offer longbows in different finishes and price classes. You can buy classic longbows from models for beginners to high-quality bows from extraordinary materials for your individual desires.

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