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Recurve bows are not an invention of the 20th century, as it is often assumed. The oldest illustrations of this bow with the characteristically bent limbs are dated to the seventh millennium before Christ. The typical recurve form can also be found in the rider bows, which the Huns, Persians or Turks mastered to perfection long before our time.

The recurve bow has the special feature that its short, forward bent limbs can store more energy than the long and straight limbs of the long bows. The string of the recurve bow lies – differently to the longbow – on the ends of the limbs. When the bow is launched, some of the vibrations are absorbed by the bow by stretching the string, that’s why recurve bows have less hand shock than longbows have. The recurve bow can also be extended further and offers a high ease of handling.

In addition to a large number of handmade recurve bows, we offer four models in the form of Take-Down-Recurves. These have the great advantage that they can be disassembled to transport or store them more easily. Furthermore, the limbs can be exchanged if the pull weight of the bow is to be changed. Due to the wide pull weight range, every archer can find the right bow here.

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