30-years warranty + 70 years goodwill on Beier bows


Quality does not know compromises – our Bogensport Beier bows are made of top quality, made in Germany.

Our bows are all made by hand, taking into account the highest demands on all processes, materials and tools. Craftsmanship, care, experience and attention to detail characterize the work of our bow makers. Thus, high-quality bows that inspire our customers are made.

Each bow is checked according to our strict quality guidelines and only when we are 100% convinced and satisfied, it will receive the BOGENSPORT BEIER copper medal and can leave our house.

This high-quality claim and the responsibility we assume for our products are manifested in our unique warranty promise:

We build bows for generations and give you a 30-years warranty + 70 years goodwill. The received quality requirement is of course transferable, so your grandson still has a warranty on the bow.

We grant a 30-years warranty + 70 years goodwill for all bows which are equipped with the copper medal from the date of manufacture 01 January 2017.
The warranty is valid throughout the world and does not limit the statutory warranty in any way.

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Warranty provider:

Beier Distribution GmbH
Pyramidenweg 20
96253 Untersiemau
E-Mail: [email] info@bogensport-beier.de[/email] | Internet: www.bogensport-beier.de

The Bogensport Beier warranty includes:

  • Cracks of limbs or of parts of the limbs
  • Breakage of limbs
  • Delamination of limbs
  • Cracks in middle parts
  • Break of bow tips (limb ends)
  • Fractions of middle parts

The warranty does not include:

  • Wear and tear
  • Twisted limbs (limb twists always result from improper stretching or storage)
  • Abusive use of the bow, gross negligence or intentional.
  • If all data have been removed from the bow

Procedure for a warranty process:

  • You send the bow, pre-paid parcel, to your dealer or to Beier Distribution GmbH.
  • Include the invoice, if it still exists.

As soon as the bow is in our house, it is inspected by our bow makers. Should the bow be repairable so that it is 100% fully functional, it will be repaired.

Should it not be repairable, you will be informed and you will receive a new bow corresponding to this bow series.

We will then send the fixed or new bow to you. The arising costs will be borne by us, of course.