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Arrow catches

Safety has top priority in archery as it has in shooting sports in general. The observation of safety rules during archery helps to prevent injuries by arrows flying past the target or rebounds. This also includes the reasonable safeguarding of the shooting range. In addition to our targets made from Ethafoam and our 3D animals, we offer in the area of “arrow catches” a backstop-net developed by us in 2 qualities and the BY BEIER GERMANY backstop-meadow. Our products offer the best possible protection, our backstop-meadow even securely holds arrows at speeds of up to 303 ft./sec.


Ethafoam Targets

Targets made from Ethafoam have proven their worth in archery and bow sports for decades. Ethafoam is a protected term for a special polyethylene foam material. This disc material disappeared a few years ago from the market due to copyright reasons. Producers of targets for bow sports have relatively quickly relied on other synthetic foams and served the market, partly also unfair, under the term Ethafoam. Also, new names like Targetfoam, etc., were created, to suggest to the end user “This is something tried and tested.”

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The BY BEIER GERMANY backstop-meadow provides maximum safety during archery because, due to its special design and the materials used, it safely stops arrows at a speed of up to 303 fps (feet per second). As a manufacturer of bow sports articles, the development of effective arrow-catching devices is of great importance to us. After the development and successful market introduction of our high-quality backstop-net the development of the backstop-meadow is another milestone.

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Safety is a top priority for archery, and it is part of the responsible use of bow and arrow. Observing the safety rules for the shot itself is just as important as securing the terrain. The BY BEIER GERMANY backstop-net developed by us is an excellent way to secure the area behind the target and to catch failed shots. However, it is important to be aware that a net is not an insurance, but an absolutely important tool to slow down arrows that are passing the target uncontrolled.

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