Safe arrow-catching even at high arrow speeds

backstop meadowThe BY BEIER GERMANY backstop-meadow provides maximum safety during archery because, due to its special design and the materials used, it safely stops arrows at a speed of up to 303 fps (feet per second).

As a manufacturer of bow sports articles, the development of effective arrow-catching devices is of great importance to us. After the development and successful market introduction of our high-quality backstop-net the development of the backstop-meadow is another milestone.

In contrast to backstop-nets, which are already penetrated and partly damaged at arrow speeds of 160 – 170 fps, the BY BEIER GERMANY backstop-meadows provide a safe arrow catching for arrow speeds up to 303 fps., which can be reached with compound bows.



See our video – Test backstop-meadow and backstop-net (in german language):


The high-energy absorption coefficient of outer shell and layer ensures the complete distribution and absorption of the kinetic energy of the arrows as well as keeping the arrows in the material.

The backstop-meadow is fixed by means of loops behind the target disc and whole protective walls can be built up from backstop-meadows. The dimensions are 210 x 110 cm so that they correspond to the guidelines for shooting discs in the indoor and outdoor area of ​​the DFBV. The BY BEIER GERMANY backstop-meadow is registered as a utility model at the German Patent and Trademark Office.

This remarkable property has been realized using special materials and the special construction of our backstop-meadows. The materials used are capable of optimally absorbing and uniformly distributing kinetic energy. This prevents the impacting arrows from penetrating the mat – the arrows remain in the mat. A further advantage is that the impacting arrows do not damage the mat in such a way that following arrows can no longer be safely caught.

The special structure of the backstop-meadow made of an outer shell of needle felt and a multilayer insert made of recycled fibers ensures safe arrow-catching.

The individual layers of the filling can move relatively to each other, which is of great importance in the absorption and distribution of the impinging motion energy during the shooting at the mat.