Bow sports- & outdoor- retail stores buy from us.

But, also more and more end customers, event agencies and facilities that use archery for therapeutic purposes are also attracted to us and our products.

With a wide range of brand products for traditional archery, we can meet almost all customer requirements. In our in-house bow construction, we produce a large selection of handmade bows, ranging from long and recurve bows to hunting and rider bows to our world-famous rattan bows, the so-called strongbows. More and more customers want a bow that is precisely tailored to their individual needs, our bow makers build custom bows exactly to the requirements of our customers. Our bows have even made it in Hollywood: the elven bows from the cinema hit “Lord of the Rings” were made by us.

No bow without the correct arrow! Whether you are shooting wood, aluminum or carbon arrows, we offer standard and custom-made arrows as well as arrow building materials (various shafts, tips, feathers, cams and glue) in all possible shapes.

For the effective catch of the arrow, we offer you targets made of straw or Ethafoam as well as our arrow backstop-net or the special backstop-meadows which were developed by us. Even for 3D archery, our selection of animals from Longlife, Franzbogen, IBB By BEIER or NaturFoam leave nothing to be desired.

High-quality leather articles, functional and beautiful to look at, round off our assortment. We take care that our leather articles do not contain any heavy metals or toxins. In addition to our own brand, BY BEIER GERMANY, we also have well-known brands from Europe and the USA, such as GoldTip, Easton, Longlife and many more in our assortment.

Our main goal is always to provide our customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices and first-class service.