General Trading and Delivery Terms of Beier Distribution

1. General information
Every incoming order will be dealt with as soon as possible. The delivery time depends on the ordered articles. For express deliveries the charges will be indicated separately.

2. Dispatch of goods
Ordered goods are dispatched at the purchaser’s own risk. Dispatch is carried out by us using a German parcel service. Parcels weighing more than 40 kg (Germany) and weighing more than 50 kg (other countries) are dispatched by a forwarding agency. For dispatch by a forwarding agency transport insurance is always included on behalf of the customer. Forwarding and insurance costs are paid by the customer. In exceptional circumstances the goods can be dispatched by German Post AG. We reserve the right to partial deliveries.

3. Return of goods
The items that are ordered for the customer from outside our own range or items manufactured specially for the customer cannot be returned. Other items can only be returned within five working days after receipt provided prior notice has been given by telephone and the return postage is paid. In addition, we reserve the right to charge for the decrease in value. Please understand that not prepaid parcels sent by wholesalers are not accepted. Professionally hand-sewed backstop nettings are only regarded as optical flaws and do not entitle the customer to claims or to return of goods.

4. Missing data
Should your order contain missing or unclear data, we will try to contact you directly via phone or e-mail. In case this should not be possible, or if we do not receive a reply, we reserve the right to complete the missing data to the best of our knowledge. For example, if a right-handed or left-handed bow is not specified, we will always supply a right-handed bow.

5. Payment
By bank collection
We initiate the debit when the ordered goods have been shipped. Your standing order for a direct debit remains valid until cancelled.
EU and non-member countries:
Payment in advance

6. Jurisdiction and place of fulfilment
The place of jurisdiction and of fulfilment for both parties is Coburg.

7. 3 D Animals
Trapping of air in foam, variations in colour or peeling of painted parts do not entitle the customer to claims.

8. Natural materials
The majority of our products are made from natural material (feathers, shafts, leather, wooden or rattan materials etc.). Natural imperfections, variations or tolerances do not entitle the customer to claims. Rattan bows can show longitudinal splittings having no influence on the quality and the performance of the bow and do not entitle to claims.

9. Restriction of liability
Our liability for compensation is limited to cases of deliberate or grossly negligent causation by the owner of the company or any of his employees in carrying out the order. The statutory rights remain unaffected.

10. Price changes
We reserve the right to adjust prices at short notice.

11. Product modifications
The products offered by Beier Distribution may be modified at any time without prior notification. Beier Distribution reserves the right to change colours, materials, design, leather and models.

12. Reservation of proprietary rights
All property rights of the goods are reserved by us until the purchase price has been paid in full. In the case of a delay in payment, we reserve the right to charge interest of 9.5 % p.a.

13. Discounts for clubs
For clubs we grant a discount of 3 to 5 % for an order value over 3000 euros.

14. Packaging
Resy guarantees the disposal and material recycling of all labelled transport and additional packaging of paper and cardboard. By adding the RESY-symbol the guidelines of the regulation on packaging for transport packaging are fulfilled.

15. Complaint in case of defective goods
Delivered goods to entrepreneurs, if goods have a defect, complaints has to be in writing within 5 days and the goods has to return at the entrepreneurs own expense.
Seller is obliged to rectify the defect three times. If the entrepreneurs agree to reimburse the purchase price, the seller is entitled to withhold 10% of the invoice amount as a processing fee.


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