Now we are getting wild – our animal park in 3D

In addition to shooting at traditional targets of straw or Ethafoam, 3D archery is becoming increasingly popular. Lifelike animals made from a special foam material are shot at.

At 3D-tournaments or 3D-courses, longbow and hunting recurve archers are equally represented, even compound archers have already been sighted.

Meanwhile there is a wide selection of 3D animals from different manufacturers, e.g. Longlife or Franzbogen, the assortments range from the squirrel to the grown Grizzly. We have brought our own brand for 3D animals to the market, IBB – BY BEIER GERMANY.

Our 3D animals are built absolutely lifelike and have a surface that makes you think you have a real animal in front of you. Of course, we also placed great emphasis on the foam of the IBB 3D animals and the IBB Semi 3D animals. In addition to excellent arrow-catching properties, the arrows can easily be pulled out and the UV light resistance is unrivaled. The surface of our animals is relatively firm, the core softer, so that arrows can be easily pulled and the hole can close again. Our 3D animals are extremely durable and resilient, even when subjected to high arrow speeds.

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