Bow construction – A big issue!

The issue of bow construction fills entire book volumes. That is why we do not want to present facts here, which can already be read in many publications on archery and bow sports. We would rather like to draw attention to the fact that most of our bows are built in our own archery shop in Seßlach. Here, I speak of bows which can be bought at an excellent price/performance ratio. This is probably the reason why the rumor came about that wed wou build our bows abroad. Where else can you find an English longbow for just about 230 euros? In England, some people might say, however, this is a misconception, for in England you can easily pay twice the price. English longbows, made in Germany, you can only buy in our company in Franconia.

Strongbows, our rattan bows like the Marksman, the Recurve Akai or the Gambler are bows of the brand BY BEIER GERMANY. They have established themselves in traditional archery. No matter where you see such a bow, the chance is 99% that we built it, even if it sometimes has a different name or is sold under a different brand.

Many bows leave our company, i.e. our bow construction, every year, and the number is growing. Although, we have no ambitions to become the world leader in bow making, and we are also not Europe’s largest bow construction company, however, in Germany, you will find no other company which builds more than 1,000 bows a year.

About 7,500 bows leave our house every year – and this has been ongoing for years. Meanwhile, some tens of thousands of bows from the bow manufacturer BY BEIER GERMANY are being shot.

And certainly, for good reason.