Middle Mountain Shafts – arrow shafts made of European wood of the highest quality

Arrow shafts from European spruce or fir are a real alternative to cedar. Spruce is one of the best arrow materials for traditional bow sport. Spruce and fir shafts ensure a stable arrow flight with low weight and high flight stability.

We decided to offer only European spruce from Austria. We are not only convinced by the quality of this arrow material, no, it is also an ecological decision. For the sake of nature, we abstain from long distances for transport. Why do you want to fly shafts halfway around the globe if you can get an excellent arrow shaft in our neighboring country? The spruce as a home growing wood species not only offers the best flight characteristics, but also has an excellent price / performance ratio.

The European mountain spruce from Austria provides first-class material for arrow shafts. Furthermore, it is an average of 10% lighter than cedar, but exceptionally durable and stable. In addition to excellent flight characteristics shafts from European mountain spruce are also regarding price a real alternative to cedar wood shafts from the USA!

Our Middle Mountain Shafts are high-quality arrow shafts made of spruce or fir from the Alps. These woods are cut in consideration of the moon phases and partly under difficult conditions in the winter.

We are convinced that with the Middle Mountain Shafts we have found an excellent alternative to cedar wood. All our arrow shafts are carefully controlled and hand-spined.

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 5/16  20 – 25 lbs
 5/16  26 – 30 lbs
 5/16  31 – 35 lbs
 5/16  36 – 40 lbs
 5/16  41 – 45 lbs
 11/32  35 – 40 lbs
 11/32  41 – 45 lbs
 11/32  46 – 50 lbs
 11/32  51 – 55 lbs
 11/32  56 – 60 lbs
 11/32  61 – 65 lbs
 11/32  66 – 70 lbs
 11/32  71 – 75 lbs