The toughest arrow you´ll ever shoot.

BEIER DISTRIBUTION is the Master Distributor of GoldTip. We have deliberately opted for GoldTip, because GoldTip offers carbon shafts and arrows in excellent quality. GoldTip as the leading producer of carbon arrows has become an vital part of the world of bow sports.

GoldTip shafts are “smart” enough to just stay straight? Yes, they are!

For years, industry has taught us that a carbon arrow is either “straight or broken”.

But what is correct? A carbon arrow becomes crooked when it has been shot several times, indeed correct, that is not a writing error. The carbon arrow loses its straightness; however, this decreases again, but it takes a while.

An example: You are in the tournament and shoot, while always shooting with the same arrow (s). With each shot, your arrow loses some of its straightness. And you know what that means. The grouping of your arrows and the shooting pattern are getting worse. This is reality, some carbon arrows can lose their straightness after just a few shots.

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GOLDTIP Smart Carbon Technology – the innovation for carbon arrows and shafts

But here is the solution: Only GoldTip’s own Smart-Carbon Technology guarantees that every arrow or crossbow bolt maintains its straightness, it has the “memory / intelligence” to its original shape. For this special detail GoldTip created the slogan “Out of the Box straightness”- with the GoldTip shaft / arrow you can speak of the so-called memory effect, is that not marvellous? For its lifetime the arrow stays straight with every shot, no question!

GoldTip arrow shafts are the choice of top archers and bow hunters worldwide.

At GoldTip efforts are made to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with respect to the quality of shafts and components.

We at BEIER DISTRIBUTION want you to get the best arrow on this planet for archery. That is why we added GoldTip to our program.