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In our shop, you will find a wide range of archery products.

We have it all: in our shop, we offer you archery accessories from renowned manufacturers such as GoldTip, Easton, Franzbogen and many more, as well as our BY BEIER GERMANY bow and arrow products we manufacture “made in Germany” ourselves, or have them produced for us by selected partners.

Our bows are handmade; In our bow manufacture we build, in addition to the well-known Strongbows (rattan bows), a wide range of bows: Longbows, Recurvebows, Huntersbows, Horsebows, bows for children, bows for adolescents, Glassfiber bows, LARP-bows, bow sets, design bows and the Robin Hood bows. Our arrow construction creates your arrow according to your individual specifications with the material you desire. A wide range of targets made from Ethafoam, our self-developed arrow net, 3D animals as well as tools and accessories complete our offer.

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The fascination of bow and arrow characterizes our company BEIER DISTRIBUTION and our brand BY BEIER GERMANY.
Our website provides you with detailed information on traditional archery and a comprehensive collection of background knowledge on the handling of bow and arrow. Uwe Beier, the owner of BEIER DISTRIBUTION and a passionate archer himself, contributes to making our hobby even more beautiful and interesting with new and further development of articles for traditional archery. Under the brand BY BEIER GERMANY, archers find high-quality bow sports articles, which convince with quality, functionality and excellent price/performance ratio. From the bow to arrows to backstop-net or Ethafoam discs – here, you can find an extensive assortment of brand name products for archery, which leaves nothing to be desired.

The archer finds here everything for archery, e.g. bows, bow construction, Ethafoam, target discs, GoldTip arrow heads, arrows, backstop-net and rattan bows.

Exclusive products for traditional archers

Here you will find everything for traditional archery here we introduce some highlights of our range:



From competitive and nearly indestructible Strongbows to powerful longbows…

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Arrows and shafts


The most important requirement for success in archery is the right match…

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Targets & backstops


Security is the top priority in archery: whilst respecting the safety rules…

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