Quality in bow sports has a name: BY BEIER GERMANY

Our label BY BEIER GERMANY is known by archers in many parts of the world – with tendency to rise. Certainly, you have already been wondering, where these products come from and what the brand is all about. BY BEIER GERMANY is a registered trademark of the company Beier Distribution, located in Seßlach.

The owner of the company, Uwe Beier, has not only turned his passion archery into a profession, archery as well as the development and manufacture of archery articles became his calling. Like no other he contributes to the development or re-design of products for the traditional bow sports: whether high-performance bows, arrows made of different materials, leather articles, targets made from Ethafoam, or accessories and tools, Uwe Beier contributes with high commitment and innovative ideas, to make good products even better.

He is one of the “inventors” in bow sports, has already improved and developed many tools and components, and also owns protective rights. He is constantly searching for optimization potentials of material, production possibilities or designs. The results of his product developments are consistently implemented in the products of his brand BY BEIER GERMANY. Examples include the backstop-net or the backstop-meadow, the self-developed cushion head for LARP arrows, a separate line of 3D animals and many more.

The brand BY BEIER GERMANY has now become a full-range supplier for bow sports articles. You will be amazed to find out what is produced under the brand BY BEIER GERMANY and, above all, how much of it bears the label “Made in Germany”! Other manufacturers produce in Asia and move jobs from Germany to the Far East. We do not want to contribute to this development – we want to make a small contribution as a production location to Germany. Our projects, with which we manufacture products in Germany with according quality, are not only our specialty, but also a passion of Uwe Beier.

Uwe Beier.