A product is always as good as the thought behind it.

In our daily work with a variety of bow sports articles, we have developed a special feeling for possible improvements. This pursuit of consistently optimizing products regarding performance, functionality, quality or design is the basis for our product developments. The high demands we place on ourselves are reflected in our products and the credo of our brand.

BY BEIER GERMANY offers everything for traditional bow sports, including a comprehensive quality and performance promise. We sell to our customers only what we would buy ourselves: good products at a solid price. For us, quality begins with the selection of the materials used, because only the best ingredients can create first-class products. We also attach the same quality standard to production and processing of our products. Our aim is to continuously improve products and services, and we work every day to reach this aim – for our customers and for ourselves.

Our passion for traditional archery, our innovative strength and the demands we place on the optimal product are our driving force.

You can feel this with every BY BEIER GERMANY product you hold in your hands.

To ensure that traditional archery remains a sport for everyone, we also pay attention to the reasonable pricing of our products. Under this premise, we create branded products that are worth their price and, thus, convince demanding customers.