We offer you the whole range of archery:

-bows from our own production with 100 years warranty

  • longbows
  • Recurve bows (one-piece)
  • Recurve bows (Takedown)
  • Custom bows
  • Hybrid bows
  • English longbows
  • horse bows
  • Bow Two
  • rattan bows
  • LARP bows
  • Children’s and youth bows

-arrows: from wooden arrows to carbon arrows to medieval arrows

  • wooden arrows
  • carbon arrows
  • medieval arrows
  • whistling arrows
  • shafts
  • crossbow bolt

-Reduce: Whether for huntsman hunting in the garden or on parcours, safe fishing is the most important for any archer

  • Arrow Safety Net
  • Arrow mats
  • Back stops

– (3D-) Objectives: In our shop you can find a huge selection of over 330 3D-animals from our own production and from different manufacturers. In our shop you can find the animals sorted by genus and can thus be compared between several manufacturers. We also gladly prepare offers for parcours.

  • Ethafoam slices and plates
  • 3D animals
  • Plate rack

-bow accessories: In addition, you can find at Beier Distribution – everything about bow sport. Here, too, we produce many bow sport articles from our own production or from well-known manufacturers.

  • shafts
  • tendons
  • Arrowheads & Inserts
  • Feathers & Fletches
  • cam
  • Tools
  • and much more.

-Further products:

  • Hunting & Outdoor
  • Books & DVD’s
  • Throwing knives and axes
  • blowguns
  • arch building material
  • Tools

With us, there is everything for archery, everything from one source, in our program you will find many products with the quality seal -MADE IN GERMANY-. In addition, we have many well-known manufacturers from the bow industry in the program. This ensures that you can advise your customers on all aspects of archery.

Other advantages:

  • faster & cheaper shipping (especially for 3D animals)
  • high or fast availability
  • comprehensive dealer service
  • 100 years warranty on Beierbows
  • various payment options (also installment payment possible)
  • Support at the online shop (COMPLETE SHOP SYSTEM)
  • Marketing campaigns


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