Our solution for more safety

Backstop-netSafety is a top priority for archery, and it is part of the responsible use of bow and arrow. Observing the safety rules for the shot itself is just as important as securing the terrain. The BY BEIER GERMANY backstop-net developed by us is an excellent way to secure the area behind the target and to catch failed shots. However, it is important to be aware that a net is not an insurance, but an absolutely important tool to slow down arrows that are passing the target uncontrolled.

We manufacture the BY BEIER GERMANY backstop-net according to our high-quality standards, ISO 9001, in Germany. A special manufacturing process is used which offers unique results in the structure and combination possibilities of the fabric. With our net we achieve maximum tensile strengths of up to 2000N +/- 5% as measured by the tearing and tensile strength test according to DIN EN ISO 13934-1.

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As a result, our backstop-net offers an excellent stopping effect and is characterized by its special material texture – a green colored high-strength, partially crystalline PP (polypropylene) belonging to the group of polyolefins – almost indestructible and particularly long lasting. In various tests, our net has proven itself as an excellent arrow stopper. It is what its “Made in Germany” label promises: you get a product of the highest quality with an extremely favorable price/performance ratio.

We deliberately produce our net of polypropylene because this plastic has a higher stiffness than polyethylene and has the lowest density of the plastics. Thus, our nets have the greatest possible stiffness with the lowest possible weight. A low weight of the backstop-net is an important factor in the kinetic energy dissipation of the impinging arrows. Already when the arrow strikes, it moves the net backwards, so the kinetic energy that the arrow brings along is reduced. The lesser the weight, the greater this movement. The weight of our backstop-net is just 525 g/m² +/- 5%. In this way we have achieved an optimum stiffness and weight in our backstop-net. It is also UV-stabilized. Of course, it was fire-tested in test laboratories according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.

The net is equipped with a hole edge for suspension on the upper side. With our net, therefore, no pierced eyelets can fall out. We think, that the insertion of eyelets, as is usual with other manufacturers, also damages the net structure unnecessarily.

The quality and performance of our backstop-net has now convinced archers around the world.

The advantages of the BY BEIER GERMANY backstop-net are: 

  • Quality product – Made in Germany
  • Uniquely favourable price-performance ratio
  • Above average long shelf life, the net is almost indestructible
  • Optimal adaptation to the natural environment through special colouring
  • Minimal tendency for curling
  • All accessories are protected against corrosion

Our backstop-net is available as a complete set in a frequently requested size as well as roll material and tailor-made according to your wishes. We have special solutions for clubs and schools. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to make an individual offer for your needs.

For archers with low pull weights or for beginners, we offer a very cost-effective version of our backstop-net: the white BY BEIER GERMANY backstop-net.
It is made of extremely light material according to our quality standards in Germany and convinces by its excellent price-performance ratio. While it does not offer a guarantee against shot-through arrows, this promise cannot hold a backstop-net anyway, it helps to secure archery and helps to reduce the loss of arrows.

To meet the individual needs of our customers, we offer our white backstop-net at a standard height of 2.70 m sold by the metre. All accessories are protected against corrosion and are supplied with the order.

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Finally, a reference, deputizing for many that we receive:

From: Michael Ehrhardt, Sent on: Monday, 15 February 2010, 12:32
To: Info by Beier Germany Reference: Net

Dear Mr Beier,

We are very happy with the net. It has proven itself very successful in everyday use. By your advice to cut the net in two halves for this distance, the suspension is substantially simplified.

The assembly is done within minutes. For the tensioning of the net, we have bought a small electric cable winch, so that our female archers and our young people can install the net in a professional manner without any extra help.

Regarding security, the quality of your net is very good, it even withstands the impacts of the arrows of our compound archers and, thus, fulfills its task splendidly. At the district championship FITA Hall 2010, it absolutely met the competition standards.

Conclusion: Good advice and a good product completely satisfy our needs as archers.

We gladly recommend you further.

Kind regards to you and your employees
Michael Ehrhardt, Bow Consultant, SGi Denkingen