A brand conquers the world of archery

What has begun with the passion for the traditional archery and the foundation of BEIER DISTRIBUTION, continues in the brand BY BEIER GERMANY.

The brand is characterized by the goal of making good products even better: improving products in terms of quality, function and design, and achieving quality and cost advantages by optimizing production processes. For good reason Uwe Beier is the owner of protective rights, e.g. for the backstop-meadows or the special cushion head for LARP arrows. His heart and soul, his knowledge and his innovative ideas are in all products that are available under the label BY BEIER GERMANY.

Under our brand BY BEIER GERMANY, we present products for the traditional bow sports, which we produce ourselves or have produced at the extended workbench in Germany and Europe.

Handmade bows for which we give our unique 100-year warranty, our world-renowned rattan bows (strongbows), arrows, also for the LARP, leather articles and a wide range of bow sports accessories, every product we sell contains our knowledge, our experience and our passion for the fascinating sport with bow and arrow.

And only if we are 100% convinced by an article, it gets the label BY BEIER GERMANY. Our customers can always rely on this quality promise made by us.