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Deal of the Week – 20% on used bows

published on May 8. 2019


Only this week:

20% on all used bows in our online shop!

These are third-party products that are not manufactured by Beier Distribution GmbH.

All bows have been carefully checked by us and are technically flawless. The sheets may contain optical defects, see product photos and product description.

You also have an old bow that you would like to sell to us?

Then take a look at There you can easily hand in your old bow in payment.

The advantages of are obvious:

You receive a fair evaluation and an above-average offer for your previous bow.
fast and easy handling
free shipping
Fixed price guarantee

For the procedure, there are the following to say:

Go to
Fill in the form for your used sheets
You will receive an offer within 24 hours including a free shipping note for your used bow
Decide if you want to sell the bow to the offer
They send the bow
As soon as the sheet has been received, it will be checked and you will receive a coupon code for the purchase of a new bow from the Beier range.