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Deal of the Week – Bow making kits

published on February 18. 2019


From now on there is a 30% discount on all bow kits, for all those who have always wanted to build their own bow.

Each kit contains everything you need to make your own personal, stylish recurve bow at an incredibly low price.

Each kit contains:

1 middle part prefabricated with built-in threaded sockets and positioning pins for arm mounting.
1 pair of limbs, drilled for positioning pin and screwing on the middle part.
1 pair of throwing arm screws
1 pair of brass bushings for the throwing arm screws
1 string
1 Nocking point limiter
1 Arrow rest

We recommend the following tools :

Rasp, file, workbench, vice, saw, sandpaper. folding rule, hand grinder, measuring device, pencil

We recommend the following book as a reading aid: Bogenbauer book

The campaign runs until 25.02.2019.

All bow kits are strongly limited and can only be ordered while stocks last, access immediately!

Here you find the bow kits

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