Bow of the Week No. 6 – Longbow Ebony


Bow of the Week – Longbow Ebony – First Class in Ebony

For the king under our longbows, we have chosen the most valuable wood in the world and use black and white ebony to create a high-class longbow. Ebony, which is said to have a magical effect in mythology, is an ideal material for the middle part of exclusive bows, because of its high density it is very hard and heavy. The middle part of the longbow Ebony is made of black Makassar ebony and, thanks to its combination with extra hard maple, it has an attractive look. The perfect front-overlay and the decorative stripes in the middle part are harmoniously coordinated with each other. For maximum comfort, we have fitted the Longbow Ebony with a slim, ergonomically designed locator grip, which lies fantastic in the hand.

Longbow Ebony

We combined the beautiful middle part with spectacular limbs. On bamboo core laminate, white ebony is placed as the top laminate. The grain of white ebony is unique in nature and gives our longbow its majestic charisma. White ebony is hard to find, it only occurs in Cambodia and makes the Longbow Ebony an absolute dream bow, even for the most demanding archer!

Anyone who has held this bow and has shot it, is enthusiastic about the design, the performance and the ergonomics: Longbow Ebony with its 68 inches bow length can be smoothly pulled and sends arrows at a breathtaking pace to their target. Performance, speed and accuracy are just as unique as the beautiful design of this masterpiece.

The Longbow Ebony is Fast Flight suitable and is delivered with a whisper string. We build it in left or right hand version and in pull weights from 20 to 60 lbs.

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